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Are you experiencing tooth pain? You may have an infected tooth. Roughly 15% of the adult population in the United States will seek help for an infected tooth or tooth pain over the next four years (source). And 1 in every 2600 adults will end up in the hospital for a dental infection (source).

These stats represent an unfortunate truth: much of the pain associated with tooth infections can be avoided or resolved quickly with root canal therapy. Unfortunately, too many patients mistakenly associate tooth root canals with pain. Here’s the truth: Root canal therapy does not cause pain. Root canal therapy solves pain.

Unfortunately, the common misconceptions about root canal dentistry persist. And misinformation often leads to larger problems: more than 20% of adults have untreated cavities (which can lead to infection). And a full 35% of all adults ages 30 to 90 suffer periodontal disease (source).

Do not become an unhappy statistic! You do not need to suffer tooth pain. The endodontic specialists at the offices of Yefim Aranbaev, DDS, in Upper Darby, PA, can quickly diagnose the source of your pain. Once you understand your condition, our endodontists can precisely detail your options—including, if necessary, root canal treatment.

We believe education is the way to combat the fear of dental procedures, especially root canal treatment. Our endodontic specialists will calm your concern

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Tooth pain can be caused by numerous factors, including a chipped or broken tooth, a damaged filling, or stress from teeth grinding. Of course, you should see a dentist for any tooth pain, but tooth pain that requires root canal treatment is often hard to ignore.

As we noted above, root canal treatment is often associated with pain. But the real source of tooth pain is inflammation or infection. Underneath your tooth enamel, a layer of hard yet porous tissue—dentin—protects your tooth pulp. Tooth damage can expose the dentin and pulp to bacteria, which can lead to inflammation or infection.

Your tooth may be inflamed or infected if you experience persistent pain. Your tooth may be extremely sensitive to hot or cold foods or may be sensitive to the touch (making eating difficult). If you are experiencing tooth pain, please seek help from an endodontist or root canal dentist. For quick service, contact our dental offices in Upper Darby, PA today!

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Like treatment for a deep cavity, modern root canal dentistry treats painful infections with little or no side-effects.

Before your procedure, your endodontist will use local anesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding area. Once you are comfortably numb, your endodontist will clean out the infected area and then refill the roots.

You may experience some pain after the procedure, but your pain will subside moderately within a day and should resolve within a week.

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If you believe you are experiencing tooth pain that requires root canal treatment, please call the offices of Yefim Aranbaev, DDS in Upper Darby, PA, today!

Root canal therapy requires the expertise of a skilled endodontist. The offices of Yefim Aranbaev, DDS, offer professional root canal dentistry with compassionate and personalized care. We also offer flexible payment options for all patients. Contact us today to speak to one of our root canal specialists.