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Yefim Aranbayev, DDS – Teeth Whitening

The key to a bright smile is good dental hygiene, including twice-a-day brushing and flossing, regular dental visits, and limiting typical stain offenders, like cigarette smoke, coffee, and wine.Unfortunately, many people check all the dental hygiene boxes and still end up with stained or discolored teeth.

Discolored teeth are not always a result of poor dental hygiene. Other possible causes include genetics, medications (like tetracycline), and environmental factors like excessive fluoride exposure. Happily, most cases of discolored teeth can be quickly reversed with a visit to a teeth whitening dentist.

Are you interested in learning more about professional teeth whitening? You have come to the right place. The offices of Yefim Aranbayev, DDS, offer professional teeth whitening services to patients in Upper Darby, PA, and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to learn more about teeth whitening options for yourself and your family.

Why Visit a Teeth Whitening Dentist?

The teeth whitening industry is enormous: worldwide, consumers spend over $3 billion each year on whitening products and services (source). Unfortunately, many at-home products require complicated regimes or do not produce the desired results despite the steep price tags. Also, many at-home products may cause inflammation or tooth sensitivity.

If you want to avoid the hassles of the at-home products, your best option of a teeth whitening dentist. However, a dental office is not only a mere alternative to at-home products.

Depending on the cause of your discoloration (as noted above), a trained dentist can capably guide you to the exact best treatment for your teeth. While creating a treatment that matches your lifestyle and budget, a teeth whitening dentist can also produce vibrant results quickly, in as little as one visit, while limiting the inflammation and sensitivity of many at-home products.

For example, custom-made dental trays offer a safe and comfortable alternative to at-home strips. And custom-made trays, which only require an hour or two of daily usage, produce noticeable results in four weeks.

How Much Does a Teeth Whitening Dentist Cost?

By far, the most common questions we hear at the offices of Yefim Aranbayev, DDS, refer to teeth whitening. Many patients want to know: How much is teeth whitening at the dentist?

A visit to a teeth whitening dentist will likely cost more than most over-the-counter (OTC) treatments. However, as we noted above, most OTC treatments are only nominally effective, and many lack the brilliance or permanence of professional whitening.

In-office treatments may include custom-made trays or one-time treatments with powerful bleaching agents not available OTC. But more importantly, a professional will personalize the treatment to your teeth. The best teeth whitening dentist will guide you through your options, including a precise estimate of costs while trying to match your whitening goals with your budget.

At the offices of Yefim Aranbayev, DDS, we happily answer all questions about cost with detailed information. To learn more about potential teeth whitening costs, contact us today to schedule a complimentary appointment.

Teeth Whitening in Upper Darby, PA: Contact the Offices of Yefim, Aranbayev, DDS

Patients in Upper Darby, PA, now have a safe and effective professional teeth whitening option. To learn more about our teeth whitening services, contact the offices of Yefim Aranbayev, DDS, today. We pride ourselves and fast and lasting results. We guarantee: You’re going to love your smile.