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A tooth filling repairs moderate damage to your teeth by replacing a portion of a missing or decayed tooth. Tooth fillings are commonly used to fill dental cavities, yet we often use tooth fillings to repair other dental problems, like moderate fractures or chips. A filling replaces essential structural elements, restoring the original function of the tooth.

If you need a tooth filling, rest assured that the dental offices of Yefim Aranbayev, DDS offer a quick and comfortable option to patients in Upper Darby, PA. We offer both permanent tooth fillings and temporary tooth fillings matched precisely to your existing tooth’s shape.

Please read below to learn more about tooth fillings, including types of fillings, issues related to tooth sensitivity after fillings, and tooth filling costs.

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Types of Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings are commonly made of one of two materials: amalgam or composite. Dentists have used amalgam fillings since the 1820s, though most dental offices today exclusively use composite fillings.

If you currently have amalgam fillings, you may be concerned about the mercury content, which makes up 50% of the amalgam material. However, most experts agree that amalgam is harmless.

As the Cleveland Clinic notes: “Currently, there are millions of amalgam dental fillings in use, and they continue to be placed in dental schools, clinics, and hospitals all over the world. They are considered safe and stable” (source).

The Cleveland Clinic only suggests removing amalgam fillings when necessary.

For new tooth fillings, however, composite offers a durable and safe alternative with many advantages. Composite fillings often require less drilling and bond quickly to existing teeth, creating a solid structure with less tooth sensitivity. Importantly, composite fillings, which are made of a resin material, match the color of the existing teeth.

Composite tooth fillings are often used to replace dental cavities, but front tooth fillings are commonly used to replace chips or cracks in the teeth.

At the dental offices of Yefim Aranbayev, DDS, we offer only the most modern technologies and materials for tooth fillings.


Do Tooth Fillings Hurt?

You should not feel tooth pain after a filling. Tooth pain is often the cause of decay, which will be removed by your dentist and replaced with a filling. Patients often arrive at the office experiencing pain, yet pain relief begins once the anesthetic is administered.

When decay is removed from a tooth, a filling restores the appearance and structure, restoring proper function, which is crucial for long-term pain relief.

Some patients experience tooth sensitivity after a filling, especially to hot or cold foods or drinks. This sensitivity is often the result of inflamed nerves after the procedure. Thankfully, any tooth sensitivity after a filling should be resolved within a few days.


Tooth Filling Costs

Tooth fillings require a single office visit, localized anesthetic, and a short period of dental work. If you have dental insurance, the procedure will likely be covered by insurance. If you do not have insurance, fillings represent a standard and affordable dental procedure.

At the dental offices of Yefim Aranbayev, DDS, we believe all patients deserve access to high-quality and affordable tooth fillings. We happily offer custom payment options to our patients in Upper Darby, PA.


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